View of and around OBMC

Oyster Bay Marine Center
5 Bay Avenue
Oyster Bay, NY 11771

Phone: 1.516.624.2400
Fax: 1.516.624.2401
Radio: VHF Channel 71

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Access to OBMC

Access by Sea

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From the “G-15” at Lloyd’s Point, follow the buoys to the “G-1” then the “G-3” and into Oyster Bay Harbor. Continue south following the eastern main channel, (south of Moses Point) which provides skippers with thirteen (13) feet at mean low tide, then head west. The dock at OBMC is easily identified by the large VALVTECT Fuel sign, where we supply both gas and diesel fuel. There is twenty-two (22) feet of water dockside at mean low tide, and we can accommodate boats up to 160 feet in length.

Upon entering the harbor, contact us on VHF Channel 71 for further directions, or to request a mooring. OBMC has guest moorings for those who would prefer to be on a mooring, and have launch service available for going ashore.

Access by Car

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Take the Long Island Expressway to exit 41 NORTH or the Northern State Parkway to exit 35 NORTH. Go approximately 1/2 a mile (this is routes 106 & 107 combined). Take the right fork (Route 106) and stay on RT 106 for 6 1/2 miles. You will go through the town of Oyster Bay (as you travel RT 106 the name will change 4 times. Do not worry about the name changes - just continue to go straight). When you get through the town of Oyster Bay the road will end and turn left(from here you will see signs for Oyster Bay Marine Center with a ship’s wheel and arrows pointing the way). After going one block, bear to the left slightly, go 100 feet and take the right fork - We are the second gravel driveway on your right at the end of this street.

Access by Train

Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) station is just south of Oyster Bay Marine Center. A short walk through the Teddy Roosevelt Town Park and you will be at Oyster Bay Marine Center. At the east end of the train station there’s a crosswalk over the train tracks and and an entrance to the Teddy Roosevelt Park. From there you will see the Oyster Bay Marine Center to the northeast (or at 2 o’clock as you stand at the park entrance).