Slips & Storage


Seasonal — OBMC's slips are the most desirable in the area which unfortunately leaves us with a waiting list. Inquire early in the fall to request your slip for the next season.

Transient — OBMC gladly accommodates transients to its facility. Please call in advance for availability. If we are booked consider a transient mooring, which comes with OBMC's launch service.

Transient Moorings

OBMC maintains deep water transient moorings to accommodate any sized vessel. Our moorings come with OBMC's reliable launch service, which is the best link into Oyster Bay Hamlet. Please call ahead to reserve your mooring and contact VHF 71 when you arrive in Oyster Bay Harbor for further assistance.

Launch Service & Moorings

Our prompt and courteous operators give us one of the area's best reputations. You will be a step ahead of other boaters who always make our harbor one of their special destinations.

Please remember launch service stickers must be affixed to the hull of your boat for launch service. View Launch Service Hours

Winter Storage

Whether power or sail, we offer complete winterizing services.

Our winter package includes:

  • Hauling
  • Pressure Washing
  • Storage
  • Bottom Painting
  • Launching

We offer many other winterizing services to protect your boat from the harsh winter.

Request Winter Storage
2017 - 2018 Storage Rates (Unit Foot = Length x Beam)
Up to 20 ft ($12.00 Per Unit Foot)
21 ft to 26 ft ($10.15 Per Unit Foot)
27 ft to 32 ft ( 9.05 Per Unit Foot )
33 ft to 39 ft ($8.50 Per Unit Foot)
40 ft to 50 ft ($7.65 Per Unit Foot)
51 ft to 70 ft ($7.35 Per Unit Foot)
Additional Storage Services:

Shrink Wrap & Frame $/ft: (up to 26ft - $19.50) (27 to 32ft - $21.00) (33 to 39ft $23.00) (40 to 50ft $25.00) (Over 50ft T&M) – A T&M surcharge will be added for boats with masts, flybridges and painted hull. Customers must inform OBMC in writing to prevent damages.

Remove Canvas and Store in Boat T&M

Wash down hull, deck and cockpit before shrink wrap T&M

Remove Canvas, send for cleaning T&M

Clean icebox/refrigerator/head before winter storage T&M

Quote for New Canvas NC

Vacuum and Clean Cabin before winter storage T&M

Install Owner Provided Winter Cover T&M

Washout Bilge Before Winter Storage T&M

Remove and properly dispose of shrink wrap $4.00/ft

Haul, Pressure Wash and Store Mooring T&M

*A T&M surcharge will be added for boats with masts, flybridges and painted hulls. Customer must inform OBMC if hull is painted in order to prevent damage.
** Bottom Prep and Painting can only be done by Oyster Bay Marine Center. A T&M surcharge will be added for specialty painting preparation. Centerboards, outdrives, running gear, intakes and other appendages will be charged additionally.
T&M = Labor Time Plus Material

Winterizing - Mechanical Systems (Labor Only)
Inboard Engines

Winterize Inboard Engine 4 Cylinders or less $255

Winterize Inboard Engine 6 or More Cylinders $280

Winterize Generator $180

Winterize Includes where applicable; Engine Fogging, check antifreeze, check cutlass bearing, shaft, propeller, lube pivot linkages, run and flush engine with antifreeze, check belts, oil pump-out and proper disposal of spent oil and filter. **OIL CHANGE LABOR INCLUDED**

Outboard Engines

Winterize Outboard Motor up to 50hp 2-Stroke $155

Store Outboard up to 50hp $140

Winterize Outboard Motor over 50hp 2 Stroke $200

Remove Outboard Motor from Boat T&M

Winterize Outboard Motor up to 50hp 4-Stroke (inc oil/filter change) $215

Winterize Outboard Motor over 50hp 4-Stroke (inc oil/filter change) $255


Service Sterndrive – Change lower unit oil, check water pump, lubricate unit. T&M

Remove Sterndrive $120

Store Sterndrive $130

Reinstall Sterndrive $120


Batteries, Removal and Installation T&M

Battery Storage, Charging and Testing $45/per

Water Systems & General Marine Systems – All Charged T&M

Manual Water System

Bait Well System

Pressure Water System (Each)

Holding Tank (Must be Empty)

Marine Head (Each)

Empty Water Tank (s)

Ice Maker

Empty Water Tank (each)

Saltwater Wash down

Shower Sump & Pump

Water Cooled Refrigeration System

Air Conditioning System

Winterizing - Rigging (Labor Only)

Unstep Mast – up to 40ft $13.00/ft

Remove, Fold Sails and Store on Boat T&M

Unstep Mast – up to 55ft $14.00/ft

Send out Sails for Winter Cleaning and Inspection T&M

Unstep Mast – up to 65ft $15.00/ft

Store Mast $6.00/ft

Unstep Mast – over 65ft T&M

Send out canvas for winter cleaning and inspection T&M

Tune rigging – At Commissioning T&M

Re-seize Spreader Ends - At Commissioning T&M

Service Turnbuckles - At Commissioning T&M

Renew Electrical Connections on Mast - At Commissioning T&M

Service Winches T&M